Thursday, July 06, 2006

Woman vents anger at doc over grandson’s death

Star: UNABLE to come to terms with the death of her nine-month-old grandson, a grandmother tried to hit a private doctor for failing to treat the boy.
In its front-page report yesterday, China Press highlighted the case of a Kuala Lumpur-based doctor who managed to avoid being hit by the distraught woman.
The daily reported that the boy, Chen Ze Xuan from Cheras, had died of dengue fever on Monday.
Lin Xiu Ying, 59 who had been taking care of Ze Xuan since he was born, told the daily that her grandson received treatment at two private clinics but the fever persisted.
She then had the boy admitted to a private hospital on Sunday evening.
She alleged that a doctor there was slow in attending to her grandson although she had told the nurses that the baby was bleeding from the nose.
“When I asked the doctor why my grandson was bleeding, he scolded me for being a busybody and said I was the cause of the nosebleed,” she said, adding that her family was considering filing a negligence suit.

Meanwhile Sin Chew Daily reported that yellow noodle manufacturers found to have used too much boric acid would be prosecuted.
Quoting Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek, the daily reported that the move was to ensure that manufacturers followed the guidelines.
Dr Chua added that the ministry had suspended the operating licences of several noodle manufacturers who failed to conform to cleanliness in their factories.
On complaints by manufacturers that sale of yellow noodles had dropped, Dr Chua said manufacturers whose noodles contained too much of the chemical were the ones to blame.
He reminded manufacturers that they had a social responsibility to ensure their food items were safe for consumption.

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