Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1 in 5 Malaysians has a mental health problem, says Deputy Health Minister


KUALA LUMPUR — About 20 per cent of Malaysia’s total populations has a mental health problem, the country’s Deputy Health Minister said today (July 23).
Dr Hilmi Yahaya, speaking in Parliament during a question-and-answer session, gave his estimation of the reach of problems like depression, stress and anxiety in the country, Malaysia’s official news agency Bernama reported.
He added that the health ministry has made available screening facilities at 806 health clinics, 40 hospitals and four mental hospitals nationwide to help detect these problems.
“There are 224 psychiatric specialists and 100 clinical psychiatric specialists nationwide,” Dr Hilmi said. He was responding to a senator’s question on what measures the government is taking to raise awareness of problems such as stress.
Dr Hilmi also said that one per cent of the population suffers from more serious mental problems. AGENCIES

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