Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hospitals on alert for haze-related ailments

PETALING JAYA: All hospitals and health clinics nationwide are on alert and ready with medications and medical equipment to handle cases related to the haze, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.
He said people who are having haze-related health complications, especially vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, smokers, people with respiratory problems and heart diseases, should seek treatment at a clinic as soon as possible.
Three-ply surgical masks will also be available in government clinics and hospitals.
Subramaniam advised the public to minimise the impact of haze on their health by following several simple steps.
These include limiting outdoor activities, staying indoors as much as possible, using a mask, drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, and washing hands and face with soap and clean water after outdoor activities.
The Health Ministry, through state health departments, will be closely monitoring the number of haze-related cases of health complications.
Subramaniam said air-conditioners or air-purifiers can improve indoor air quality at home and the higher the purifier's capacity, the better.
He said drivers can also switch to recycling mode on their air-conditioners to limit the entry of smoke into their cars.
Schools can also close at their discretion without instruction from the Health Ministry if the air quality index in their area reaches 200 and stays there for more than 48 hours. Schools are 

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