Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nurses question why govt hospital understaffed but grads jobless

KUCHING: Nurses working in a public sector hospital have questioned how it is possible for thousands of nursing graduates to be jobless when the hospital they work for is acutely short of nurses.
According to them, it was heartbreaking to read of the plight of the nursing graduates in thesundaypost as most wards in their hospital are understaffed.
They claimed many nurses often have to work double shifts, are forced to work overtime, while some cannot take their day off.
The nurses said they feared being overstretched and unable to give their patients the standard of care required.
“Imagine how you feel. When you are already half-dead working and yet you still get complaints. It is a very frustrating and demoralising thing,” said one nurse, who requested not to be identified.
The nurses said they have raised the matter with their immediate supervisors, but their superiors seemed powerless to make changes.
As such they were shocked to learn that so many qualified nurses were desperately waiting to be employed while there should be many vacancies in the government hospital.
“What a sad irony the situation is,” said one nurse. “Is there really nothing anyone can do about such a tragic state of affairs?”
She added that those in top management roles may not know the true situation on the ground.

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