Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cut out suicide scenes

Star: KUALA LUMPUR: Cut out suicide scenes in Indian films.
This call to the Censorship Board was made by Deputy Women, Family and Community Minister Datuk G. Palanivel who was concerned over reel scenes turning into real-life tragedies.
Palanivel said the scenes were of no benefit to the audience and might influence those facing serious problems to mimic such actions.
He said this after visiting five-year-old Jason Kalidas at the KL Hospital paediatric ward intensive care unit here yesterday.
Jason was seriously injured when his mother M. Sanggita took him and his three sisters to a railway track to wait for a train to run over them.
Jason, who is in stable condition, and his eight-year-old sister Victoria managed to escape as the train smashed into Sanggita, 30, and Jason’s other sisters, Sacheria, six, and Esther, three.
“We have now seen what is always depicted in movies being played out in real life,” Palanivel, who is MIC deputy president said.
“Indian film directors should be more responsible and focus on positive scenes.”
Palanivel said he hoped police investigations would be able to reveal the circumstances faced by the mother which drove her to end her life as well as her children’s.
“It must have been a very serious problem and there must have been some plan or at least some outward behaviour to show that the mother wanted to carry out the deed.”
Palanivel said the Welfare Department had counsellors to offer aid to anyone suffering from distress or depression.
“Suicide should not be an option,” he said, adding that statistics on suicide and the reasons behind it should be compiled.
“If we know the reasons and learn how to identify those with suicidal tendencies, then we can probably intervene.
“Those facing problems should try to seek a solution.
“I also urge Hindu religious organisations to talk on this topic and educate the people that it is wrong to commit suicide.”
Ministry counsellor A. Balendram said this was the first time he had heard of a mother dragging her children along to die.

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