Thursday, July 06, 2006

Promotion test frequency increased

Star: PUTRAJAYA: The promotion and evaluation test (PTK) for civil servants will now be conducted four times a year.
This is good news for the 1.2 million government workers and security forces personnel who in the past had to wait a year for a stab at promotion if they did not pass the test.
“Now that the PTK will be held four times a year, government servants can take the test again after three months,” said Public Services director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam.
Also, those who signed up for the PTK but failed to take it for reasons such as ill health or because they were away at the time need not wait a full year for the next test, he added.
He said a circular has been issued on the matter and urged all department heads to pass the message to their personnel.
On complaints that the Public Services Department did not provide sample PTK test papers, Ismail explained that the evaluation exercise was not examination-oriented.
“We want civil servants to understand how the administration works. The various ministries can organise courses to help their employees prepare for the PTK,” he said.
Cuepacs advisor Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam said that having more PTK tests in a year was good for civil servants and hoped the authorities would set the schedules soon.
“This will enable civil servants to choose the time to sit for the test,” he added.
On the 20% quota for annual merit increment based on the PTK results, Siva Subramaniam said this was not fair.
“I think whoever gets marks above the cut-off score should be given the excellence perks like merit increments and cash incentives. I hope the department will review this.”

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