Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hospital: Yes, baby hurt during operation

NST: SEREMBAN: The Tuanku Jaafar Hospital has acknowledged that three-month-old Nur Alya Sabrina Ruzaimi’s head was cut during a Caesarian section.
But, it said, the baby’s father Ruzaimi Mahadi was immediately informed and the wound was and continues to be treated.
In a statement yesterday, state health director Dr Azman Abu Bakar said "a superficial laceration, about 2cm in length", was found at the back of Nur Alya Sabrina’s head while the baby was in the special care nursery. She was admitted because her 27-year-old mother Nurazian Yaacob was diabetic.
He said a dermatologist dismissed the initial diagnosis of a congenital skin defect, and a diagnosis of a "traumatic laceration wound following the Caesarian section" was then made. The surgeon and dermatologist decided to treat the wound with antibiotics and daily dressing as there was no active bleeding.
"A full explanation about the lesion and the cause was immediately given to the father," Dr Azman said.
Nur Alya Sabrina was discharged on March 12 but she was re-admitted on March 14 for fever and jaundice.
"She was discharged two weeks later, and the parents were told to bring her for a review of her jaundice on April 9. She was found to be in good condition and the wound was healing well," Dr Azman said.
He said during a check of the wound on April 16, the attending doctor noted that it was gaping and the baby was referred to a surgeon.
An operation was done on June 12 on Nur Alya Sabrina, and the parents discharged her a few hours later against medical advice.
He said six days later, the surgeon noticed that Nur Alya Sabrina’s wound was infected so the stitches were removed and the wound dressed.
"Nur Alya Sabrina came in for a check-up on June 22 and the wound appeared clean."

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