Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Samy: We have asked for GH maintenance service

Star: KUALA LUMPUR: The Works Ministry had proposed more than a year ago for a “facility management” service to maintain 14 general hospitals.
However, this did not come about due to the unwillingness of certain agencies, minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu alleged.
“They seemed unwilling and kept saying they had enough staff to handle it.
“So, it has been 13 months and there is still no go-ahead from them,” he told reporters yesterday.
Samy Vellu said the Finance Ministry had given its approval for the Public Works Department to carry out the facility management at the hospitals.
Clarifying points raised by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek regarding the Pekan Hospital in Pahang, he said the PWD received a fax from the hospital on June 14 about a leak from the water tank.
However, checks by health workers, hospital representatives and the hospital’s support service found no leak.
Samy Vellu said drips occurred because rainwater had settled below the water tank, which was placed on top of an open roof.
“The time the water had remained there caused it to seep through the ceiling at the stairs, near the tank’s location.
“Seepage did not occur in any other area and it definitely did not leak in the men’s ward, as was reported in the newspapers.”
Samy Vellu said that during Dr Chua’s visit to the hospital (on Friday), the wall had not been painted over yet as it was damp.
Regarding complaints about the oxygen gas pipes, he said a problem arose because the contractor was in the midst of talks with the oxygen supplier, Gas Pantai Timur.
He said that following a June 15 meeting, it was decided that the hospital would use oxygen cylinders until the main oxygen tanks were ready.
Regarding medical equipment which was not supplied, he said the producer had stopped production for specifications ordered by the hospital.

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