Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SOCSO provides free health screening

Borneo Post

SANDAKAN: The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) is offering a free health screening programme (HSP) for all workers aged 40 and above to identify non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer starting this month.
Eligible employees may undergo the health screening at SOCSO HSP panel clinics which have registered via SOCSO SeHAT portal.
According to an officer with SOCSO HSP Unit, Rosly Bin Abdul Kadir, employees will be given HSP vouchers through their employers, which will be submitted to HSP Panel Clinics.
The HSP will benefit around 1,972,690 employees aged 40 and above in the country, he added.
He said the SOCSO HSP was aimed at promoting a healthy culture and awareness of the non-communicable diseases through early detection.
“Besides that, the HSP will prevent disability and death as well as loss of income due to non-communicable diseases.
“It also hopes to improve human capital resource and productivity through a vibrant business environment and to stimulate the nation’s economy,” he said during HSP briefing to around 29 panel clinics here at Sabah Hotel recently.
The HSP will cover medical consultation as well as advice to workers to reduce the risk of diseases to enable them to remain productive and healthy.
The screening includes physical examination, consultation, blood examination, interpretation of medical findings, and clinical advice while the health parameters covered in HSP are Full Blood Count, Fasting Glucose, Fasting Lipid Profile, Urine FEME/Microalbuminura, Pap Smear and Mammogram.
The programme will be offered continuously to enable all future workers attaining 40 years old to benefit from it.
So far 229,236 HSP vouchers were distributed and 976 clinics were registered for HSP all over Malaysia from January 1 – 17 this year.

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