Monday, January 21, 2013

Where is the promised Penampang hospital?

Free Malaysia Today

PENAMPANG: The healthcare sector in Sabah is in a mess, the State Reform Party (STAR) said today.
Sabah STAR women’s wing chief, Melanie Annol, said besides the delayed twin-towers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), the abysmal condition of healthcare in the state can be seen everywhere. Penampang, the satellite town of the state capital, is a living testimony.
She said a long time ago, the Barisan Nasional leadership had promised to build a district hospital for Penampang, which has been without hospital since Merdeka in 1963.
“But until now there is no sign of a hospital coming up.
“What happened to the promise made by Bernard Dompok, the Penampang MP and Upko president? Has it been thrown into the dustbin of BN’s unfulfilled promises?” Annol asked in a statement here.
A few days ago, Annol also brought up cases of insufficiencies in government hospitals that had caused tremendous stress to locals.
“I understand a site for the proposed Penampang district hospital was identified, but after some time, the whole thing just fizzled out, leaving about 126,000 people in Penampang without a proper hospital,” she pointed out.
She further said that it was a gross injustice to the people not only of Penampang but the whole Sabah, which was endowed with so much natural resources, but left begging for basic facilities.
“We need a hospital now. The old polyclinic in Kasigui near here is the only “hospital” that serves the people. Fortunately we do have private clinics around town, but how many families can afford private clinics?” Annol asked.
According to her, a hospital in Penampang would serve not only the people of Penampang itself but also nearby Putatan, Petagas, Lok Kawi and even the state capital.
Penampang, a predominantly Christian Kadazandusun area, though considered still a small town, has virtually become a satellite town of Sabah capital Kota Kinabalu.

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