Monday, June 05, 2006

Father of youths who died after meal sought

NST: ALOR STAR: Police are looking for the father of two brothers who died of poisoning after a meal of nasi lemak and dried fish.
Sik district acting police chief Assistant Superintendent Jalil Ramli said Azimi Ahmad, 45, who was admitted to the Sik Hospital, had left the hospital yesterday. His whereabouts were unknown.
Jalil said police were keen to interview him as attempts to talk to him when he was in hospital were unsuccessful as the man refused to answer questions and started screaming and shouting.
Brothers Edi Emizan, 22, and Faizal Azimi, 21, died on the way to Sik Hospital after eating nasi lemak with dried ikan tamban prepared at home.
Police are interviewing family members while awaiting the test results on samples taken from the victims. Their investigations are focused on whether the brothers were deliberately poisoned.
Jalil said the post-mortem showed they died of poisoning but further tests were needed.
Police also want to check on the tests done on the meals and also the tissue, blood, urine and stomach contents of the two brothers.
Jalil said the investigation would also consider the fact that both Edi Emizan and his father suffered from schizophrenia.
While Edi Emizan sought treatment for his condition at the hospital, his father had sought traditional treatment.
Sik Hospital director Dr V. Nesa Mani said Azimi appeared to be confused and claimed to have no recollection of what had happened.

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