Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Malaysians consume 2½ times the ideal sugar intake

Star: PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians consume two-and-a-half times the ideal daily intake of sugar.
Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek said Malaysians consumed an average of 125mg of sugar daily while the ideal intake was 50mg.
He said the Cabinet had decided to encourage Malaysians to consume less sugar.
Speaking to reporters after opening Puspanita’s health seminar on mental health here yesterday, Dr Chua said Malaysian culture was such that it was not good to offer guests and visitors drinks which were not sweet.
“Malaysians are aware of the health hazards of consuming too much sugar. They just need to change their attitude now,” he said.
On a proposal that coffeeshops and restaurants should reduce sugar in drinks and food sold, Dr Chua said whether that could happen would depend on the preference of consumers.
On an unrelated matter, Dr Chua said the tradition where the Prime Minister and Health Minister held the posts of chairman and deputy chairman of St John Ambulance, respectively, should be changed.
He said both did not know what happened in the management of the body but were asked to approve the appointment of state-level commanders based on the recommendation of the national commander.
“Maybe I will speak to the Prime Minister about this. We are too busy to be involved in any internal squabbles,” he said when asked about the organisation's procedure of appointing state commanders.

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