Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fuda surgeons operate on Malaysians with facial tumours

Star: GUANGZHOU: Two young Malaysians with large tumours on their faces braved separate operations to would transform their lives at the Fuda Cancer Hospital here.
Hong Siew Hui, 18, who was operated on at 3pm yesterday, was a bit worried before being wheeled into the operation theatre.
Her mother Goh Jit Yang, who was with her, was understandably worried.
Two hours later, doctors said the operation was successful.
One-third of the tumour on her face had been frozen by a procedure called cryosurgery therapy.
Today, the second Malaysian, Tan Kia Khim, 25, of Alor Star, will undergo operations to remove the tumour on his face at 8am.
Both operations were undertaken by Fuda Cancer Hospital president Prof Xu Kecheng, vice president/associate professor Dr Niu Lizhi and hospital director Dr He Weibing.
Prof Xu said similar procedures had been used in more than 2,500 cases in the hospital.
Hong, 18, of Taman Bersatu, Simpang Empat, and Tan, 25, a coffee shop helper, left Alor Star on April 15 and have been at the hospital here for the past 24 days.
Tan said he was not scared and was confident the operation would be a success.
His father Tan Seong Meng, 50, who flew in from Alor Star on Monday, said he had full confidence in the local doctors.
“I am praying for Kia Khim’s smooth operation and reciting some prayers,” he said.

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