Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nasi lemak meal ends in death of two brothers

NST: SIK: A meal of nasi lemak, dried fish and coffee resulted in the death of two brothers on Friday night, while their father has been hospitalised.
Edi Emizan Azimi, 22, and Faizal Azimi, 21, died on the way to Sik Hospital while their father Azimi Ahmad, 45, is in stable condition.
Doctors are waiting for results of the tests to determine the exact cause of death but indications are they had food poisoning.
Family members claimed that the three collapsed after a meal of nasi lemak with ikan kering tamban and coffee.
Sik Hospital director Dr V. Nesa Mani said the brothers were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital at 8.15pm.
"The father is in stable condition with a rapid pulse rate. Post-mortem on the brothers has been done and the results are expected soon," she said.
Samples of their blood, urine, tissues and contents of their stomach have been sent to the Chemistry Department in Penang.
Dr Nesa Mani said Edi Emizan and his father also had a history of schizophrenia, with the son still receiving treatment for the condition while the father had opted for traditional treatment.
Azimi’s wife Hamidah Mohd Isa, 40, said the three were at home while she was running her mee rebus stall in Jeniang, 10km away from her home in Kampung Kota Bukit in Jeneri here.
Hamidah’s two younger sons Mohd Alif, 12, and four-year-old Najib were playing outside their home.
"A friend received a call from Alif asking me to come home as something bad had happened. When I reached home, I found the three in pain. They had vomited and had blurred vision," she said.

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